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News | Nov. 14, 2023

Down to Earth with Space Base Delta 1

By Airman 1st Class Justin Todd

On this edition of Down to Earth, we’re checking in with Space Delta 1 to meet U.S. Air Force Airman 1st Class Koye Tsosie, 21st Medical Group health administrator, at Peterson Space Force Base, Colorado. 

Tsosie is from Steamboat, Arizona - a small community residing on the Navajo Reservation in the Northeastern part of Arizona. 

It wasn’t until Tsosie left the reservation to join the Air Force in 2021 that he learned to appreciate his Native American heritage. 

“I’m appalled that I never knew what it meant to be native,” Tsosie said. “Once I got off the reservation, it made me realize how great it feels to be Native American in the U.S.A.” 

Among the many things Tsosie is grateful for is quick access to food.  

“On the reservation, the nearest grocery store was a 30-minute drive away,” Tsosie said. “Now, I can just walk five minutes to the dining facility.” 

Tsosie recalled one instance before he joined, where his family went out to eat. His aunt, a retired Air Force master sergeant, paid for the entire family’s meal. 

“I wanted that for my life,” Tsosie said about his aunt’s generosity. “She showed me how to pave a way to be successful.” 

His aunt’s kindness, insight and generosity led him to see the benefits of joining the Air Force. 

Now, Tsosie works at the pediatrics front desk at the 21st Medical Group. His job includes preparing patients for medical technicians and providers, scheduling appointments, and managing the front desk. 

“I’m proud of how far I’ve come and grateful for the many opportunities the Air Force has given me,” Tsosie said. 

Outside of work, Tsosie enjoys cooking, working out and playing basketball. One of his goals is to go back to school. 

 One thing he wants to pass on to the next generation is the importance of recognizing one’s identity. 

“When life gets hard, you tend to forget who you are as a person,” Tsosie said. “Knowing where you come from will go a long way.” 

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