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Location: 559 Vincent Street, Building 959, Peterson Air Force Base, Colorado 80914-1540

The 21 MDS Clinic is open Monday through Friday, 7:30 a.m. 4:30 p.m. The clinic is closed the second Thursday of the every month for mandatory medical training, all Federal holidays, and weekends. We are a tenant unit to Schriever Air Force Base, and most services that we cannot accomplish here can be completed at the Peterson Air Force Base. Hours may vary by clinic. Please refer to your specific clinic for hours of operation.

The 21st Medical Group is comprised of more than 500 medical professionals that provide healthcare and mission-readiness support for more than 26K active duty, retired and family member DOD beneficiaries of the 21st Space Wing, 50th Space Wing, Colorado Springs community and 39 geographically separated units around the globe. The group consists of a 10-building medical campus geographically distributed across three military installations and is also home to the DOD's largest Area Dental Laboratory which supports tri-service and Veterans Affairs dental facilities throughout the continental United States.

The 21st Aerospace Medicine Squadron  delivers comprehensive aerospace and operational medical services to 3,500 employees and supports a population-based preventive medicine program to 26K beneficiaries. In addition, 21 AMDS operates the Air Force's busiest hypobaric chamber with over 170 sorties per year. A staff of approximately 85 healthcare professionals organized into 6 flights ensures compliance with occupational and environmental health standards while supporting 3 combatant commands, 2 wings, 53 tenant units and 32 geographically separated units for global missile warning, missile defense, space situational awareness, space control and homeland defense missions.

The 21st Medical Operations Squadron provides comprehensive primary care to 26K beneficiaries. The squadron is comprised of 4 flights: Family Health Clinic, Maternal-Child, Mental Health, and Physical Therapy. They have a combined strength of nearly 150 assigned personnel. Available services include: Acupuncture, Allergy, Family Advocacy, Family Medicine, Immunizations, Mental Health, Pediatrics, Physical Therapy, Substance Abuse Counseling, and Women’s Health. Combined, these clinics average more than 9K patient visits per month totaling approximately 108K visits per year.

The 21st Dental Squadron is AFSPC's largest dental squadron, consisting of locations at Peterson Air Force Base, Schriever Air Force Base and Cheyenne Mountain Air Force Station. A full range of dental services are provided for active duty military members including general dentistry, endodontics, oral and maxillofacial surgery, periodontics and prosthodontics. Clinical operations include 4 facilities and 3 clinics that provide over $5.5M of comprehensive dental care for 7K multiservice personnel annually. The 21 DS is home to the largest Area Dental Laboratory in the Air Force, the Military Consultant to the Surgeon General for Dental Laboratories, the Air Force Dental Service Enlisted Dental Laboratory Consultant, and is responsible for providing an annual $9M service in support of 343 DoD facilities world-wide.

The 21st Medical Support Squadron consists of 8 flights providing Personnel and Administration, Resource Management, TRICARE Operations and Patient Administration, Medical Readiness, Information Systems Management, Medical Logistics and Facility Management, Pharmacy, Diagnostic Imaging and Laboratory Services. The 21 MDSS supports healthcare delivery by managing the group's $25M budget, manpower programs for more than 500 staff members and a 10 building medical campus across 3 installations. The managed care program supports an enrolled population of 26K amounting to approximately 195K annual patient visits. Additionally, the squadron provides ancillary services with an $8M pharmacy budget, filling over 250K prescriptions a year; diagnostic imaging with 12K studies a year; and laboratory services with 90K tests per year.

The 21st Medical Squadron serves the patient population and community of the 50th Space Wing and Schriever AFB. The 56-person squadron provides 1st-rate care supporting 4K warfighters operating a $6.2B satellite command and control network. With a $722K medical and dental operating budget, the men and women of 21 MDS optimize high-quality primary care, dental corp, aerospace medicine, pharmacy, medical lab and dental lab, mental health, radiology, bioenvironmental engineering, public health and health promotion services for the 8,500-person base population, including 21 mission partners. The squadron delivers 17K patient visits per year totaling $7M in equivalent private sector care.

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